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Prostaglandin is an effective and natural medicine for treating prostatitis. The treatment process of Prostaline capsules will relieve pain in the perineum and improve the function of the urinary system. Today, the cost of goods has been reduced by 50%!

If you need to order capsules €49 on the official French website and enjoy a 50% discount in France, please use the official website. To do this, you need to fill out a small order form: you need to enter your phone number and name in the order form, our consultant will call you within an hour, and the company consultant will call you to answer soonQuestions about payment and delivery. You can only receive payment by mail after receiving the package in cash by post or express.

Doctor's recommendations

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Prostaline does not contain any chemical ingredients, which makes the composition of the drug unique and affordable. The capsule formula contains herbs and plant extracts, so taking the drug regularly can have a positive effect within a week. Before recommending Prostaline to patients, I carefully studied the function of the drug and read the instructions carefully. In the past year, more than 20 patients have recovered from prostatitis thanks to the effective capsules of natural ingredients. You can buy the medicine in France on the manufacturer's website.

Prostaglandins can treat prostatitis immediately


Prostatitis is a serious disease that manifests as inflammation of the prostate. Pathology not only negatively affects the performance of the urinary system, but also disrupts the production and movement of sperm and reduces libido. The anti-prostatitis drug Prostaline will help solve this problem. The prostatitis capsule has shown results one week after administration. Buy today in France and enjoy a 50% discount!

Causes of prostatitis

Why does prostatitis occur? The doctor determined several reasons for the development of this disease:

Prostatitis can also cause chronic infections: tonsillitis, bronchitis, and even dental caries. Any manifestation of pain in the groin and pelvis is a signal that cannot be ignored. If you feel unwell, you should consult a doctor.


Pain caused by prostatitis

Prostaline aims to eliminate pain and restore the function of the urinary and reproductive system. Indications for drug treatment:

The drug Prostaline shows excellent curative effect, can relieve pain syndrome, prevent the development of disease and eliminate its cause. The drug has passed clinical research and has the necessary certification. The quality of anti-prostatitis capsules has been confirmed by doctors and scientists.

Composition of the preparation

Prostaline is unique in its natural ingredients. The formula contains only natural ingredients:

Pumpkin seeds.

contains a lot of zinc and organic matter. After penetration, the crushed seeds eliminate the accumulation of urine and prevent prostate cells from turning into adenomas, thereby reducing the risk of cancer. Pumpkin can also enhance immunity.

Sereno fruit extract.

This ingredient improves health, restores body work, and enhances libido.

Plum bark.

The crushed material is designed to eliminate edema and eliminate aseptic inflammation. The positive effect of this ingredient eliminates pain and normalizes urination.

Ginkgo leaves.

Regulates the immune system by destroying organisms that cause disease. This ingredient also accelerates the regeneration of prostate tissue and dilates blood vessels, leading to the disappearance of cholesterol plaques.


An excellent antioxidant and detoxifier. Cranberry contains beneficial vitamins and has a positive effect on the urethral wall. After this ingredient enters the human body, people feel a surge of strength and emotions.

Nettle extract.

relieves pain by relaxing the muscle tissue of the prostate duct. The result of this effect is the rapid penetration of other substances of the drug, thereby speeding up the treatment of prostatitis.

Prostate before and after using prostaglandin

The complex work of components restores blood flow, prevents the obstruction of small blood vessels in the prostate, and improves the function of the immune system. Prostaline treatment can not only eliminate pain, but also increase libido and restore ejaculation.

The price of the capsule is €49, what is the cost in another country. But today you can order Prostaline at a discounted price. You can place an order online. To make a purchase, simply go to the official portal of the manufacturer and fill out a short survey form. The manager of the company will definitely contact you to clarify the delivery address.

Advantages of the product over similar products

The effectiveness of the drug has been proven through clinical studies. The test involved volunteers aged 38-74 who were diagnosed with prostate. The feedback from the people who received the Prostaline capsule treatment process is gratifying:

  1. More than 99% of people have completely got rid of this disease.
  2. 85% of people decide to receive a second course of treatment.
  3. 97% of people said this drug improved their sex life.

The role of prostatitis capsules is not just to relieve pain. The drug effectively fights the cause of the disease, so that you will never forget prostatitis.

You can buy Prostaline in France on the manufacturer's official website. Only now can you order merchandise at a 50% discount. Payment order-only after receipt. We guarantee the high quality of natural products and the effectiveness of the medical treatment process.

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