Reviews about Prostaline

  • Christine
    Prostaglandin is a truly effective medicine, I can call it a natural ingredient. My husband and I noticed the initial results 1. 5 weeks after the treatment started, so we decided to start the treatment from the beginning. Both parties are satisfied with the effect of this drug. My husband has prostatitis and our sex life has improved.
  • Christian
    For more than two years, my wife and I have been unable to enjoy an intimate relationship. I have been tortured with pain. Less than two months ago, I was diagnosed with prostatitis, which surprised me. The doctor I knew immediately recommended Prostaline. I was surprised by the price of this drug. Facts proved that this therapy was very effective, and everything was resolved with his wife.
  • Christophe
    A good remedy. I have difficulty urinating and have prescribed several medications. Recommendations include prostaglandin capsules to prevent prostatitis. I decided to start with them and never regret it. This medicine quickly solved the problem, and I even noticed the improvement in its effectiveness.
  • Martine
    My wife and I cannot have children for a year. Seek advice from a doctor friend who recommended Prostaline. The anti-prostatitis capsules not only improved my health and reduced the discomfort, but also enhanced the efficacy of the medicine. The wife's pregnancy is a pleasant addition to the treatment process.
  • Michel
    Prostatitis has tortured me for a year, and there is no remedy to solve this problem. Only after a while was it possible to get rid of the pain, but after a while it recovered. The recently discovered Prostaline capsule. The therapy helped to eliminate the discomfort within a week, and the pain did not recover even after two months of treatment.
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